Tim Jewell

My first experience with a shotgun was with my Dad and Papaw; they took me with them at the age of 10 quail hunting. I will never forget the first time those birds came out from under my feet. What a rush. From there it was upland hunting till 1993 when I was introduced to the sport of clay target shooting.
Shortly after I joined the NSCA and became a tournament shooter winning my class in the first KY State Championship I competed in. I am currently a 5 time KY State Champion.
2018 Briley All American Sub-Gauge Team 28ga (Rank #1)
2018 Blaser All-American 28ga FITASC Team (Rank #1)
2018 Briley All American Sub-Gauge Team 20ga
2016 Blaser All-American 12ga FITASC team
2016 US Open Master 5th
2015-2016 PSCA Pro
2007 US National Sporting Clays Championships M11
2006 All-American Team (Open Team)
2005 US National Sporting Clays Championships M7
My wife Tina is the one that keeps me going and it’s a pleasure to travel and shoot with her. She coaches me and I coach her, were a team
I currently run Rangers Gun Club with my Family, a small gun club located in Calhoun KY.
I’m a sporting clays instructor and teach many disciplines and methods.
I care about the sport, always looking for ways to help the shooters and make the game better. Currently a member of the NSCA Advisory Council always willing to help the shooters get their concerns to the right people.
All and all I just love shooting and the people in the sport. The smell of gun powder and the sight of clay targets crushed in the sky by RIO AMMO.

Tina Jewell

19 Time NSCA All American Team Member Sporting Clays, Shoots RIO Top Sporting 28 Target Loads.

Joe Charnigo

Joseph started shooting when he was 7 years old in his backyard with his dad and friends. They would shoot targets off a hand thrower and Joseph would stand there with his sling shot and a bucket of rocks trying to hit the clays before they would with the shotguns. Eventually this actually happened! At first they didn’t believe it, but as it happened more often they realized he was actually hitting the targets and his Dad decided it was time to put a shotgun in his hands. As soon as Joseph broke his first single bird with a shotgun he immediately wanted to shoot DOUBLES! This is more than likely where his love for doubles trap began. He started shooting ATA registered trap in 1998 when he was 11 years old.

In 2002 he started taking it quite a bit more serious traveling around the country to major shoots. Since then he has won many events including Champion of the Ohio State Double Champion Ship 6 times and his biggest career win was Champion of the Grand American Doubles Championship in 2015. He has been on the All American Trapshooting team 9 times.

Joseph has shot for Blaser USA since 2010 and Rio Ammo since 2013. Shooting and hunting are his passion, when he is not shooting he is working at Air Control Products as a Salesman for HVAC Equipment, Hunting with friends, working on his farm, or racing his diesel pickup.

Dr. Eugenio Bortone (Gino)

Dr. Eugenio Bortone (Gino)
Gifted scientist, sports shooter and hunter, Gino Bortone, has represented RIO Ammunition for many years. Not only a competitor, Gino is also a USA-certified Level II coach, the technical director for FITASC for the Americas Universal Trench and has over 40-years of experience shooting Olympic Trap.
His major accomplishments include:
• FITASC Team USA silver medal Helice championship, 2018
• US Nationals Senior silver medal, 2017
• Universal Trench World Cup, 2014, 2013
• USA Senior Champion, 2014
• Venezuela World Cup Team Olympic Trap, ISSF World Cup, 2012, 2011, 2010
• Venezuela National Champion and Olympic Team 1984

Catherine Rios

Catherine Rios

Keith Garcia

After a brief hiatus—perhaps from being busy training Keanu Reeves for the John Wick action-flick movie series—RIO Ammunition is excited to have police officer, notable firearms instructor and accomplished 3-Gun competitor, Keith Garcia, back on Pro Staff. With multiple championship titles under his gun belt, Keith is also the primary firearms instructor for the Alameda County, California SWAT and Sniper Teams.
A professional shooter in every sense of the word, Keith’s accomplishments include:
• USPSA Law Enforcement Multi-Gun National Champion 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015-19
• USPSA Multi-Gun National Champion 2013 and 2015
• 3-Gun Nation $50,000 shoot-off champion 2012
• 3-Gun Nation Practical Division National Champion 2016
• 3-Gun Nation 308 Practical Division National Champion 2017
Follow Keith https://www.instagram.com/keithgarcia_3gun/a>

Taylor Garcia

Taylor Garcia

There aren’t many who get to make a living off doing what they love, but after developing a true passion for duck hunting at an early age, Taylor was destined to live a life dedicated to outdoor pursuits. After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in marketing, Taylor was determined to work in the hunting and fishing industry and is currently the Director of Operations and Marketing for a large-scale marina in South Texas. She guides duck hunts in Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, Texas during the fall and winter, and enjoys teaching clients the patterns and science behind ducks, as well as wildlife conservation. Taylor shares the blind and field with her partner in crime Roux, who equally shares her passion for dove, duck, geese and turkey hunting.

Follow Taylor: https://www.instagram.com/taylorg_tx/

Austin Ingram

Austin Ingram Austin was born and raised in South Texas and began hunting with his father at a very young age. From day trips shooting dove to wilderness adventures chasing free-ranging big game, he became passionate—and to put it lightly—obsessed with the life of being an outdoorsman. After establishing and operating a successful waterfowl hunting outfitting business at age 18, Austin knew he wanted to create a life in the outdoors and curate a career that allowed him to do so. After graduating with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship, Austin began a career in Real Estate, which provides the control and flexibility to allow him to chase his hunting and fishing passions, while also starting an advertising company catering to companies and businesses in the outdoor industry. Austin resides in Helotes, Texas and focuses his time on his real estate career and his outdoor passions regularly. He spends most of his winter seasons chasing waterfowl and other wild game with his best friends all over the United States. Austin has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best companies in the outdoor and shooting industry and is excited to team up with RIO Ammo because he "believes in companies of great character that produce superior quality products, and that is RIO".

Big Sky Fowlers

Big Sky Fowlers
What started as a form of ‘adult day care’ for Bradley McKown, Big Sky Fowlers has since transformed into a family waterfowling bond consisting of Brad, Judson McKown (Brad’s son), and Jack Schwarz (Judson’s brother-in-law). Brad and Judson work at a family-owned community bank in their hometown in Minnesota where the McKown family settled over 125 years ago. Jack is also in the family business, working as a contractor for Schwarz Builders. Big Sky Fowlers hunt across the Midwest and West. If you like the caption or their post, Judson posted it.  If there’s an overenthusiastic bald guy holding a limit of mallards, that’s Brad.

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