NEW - RIO ECO BlueSteel

INNOVATION is in our DNA, we were the first ones to launch many innovations across the more than 100 countries we sell our products.

In RIO we care about environment and the impact of plastics in nature that is why we are ahead in innovation and
proudly present:

RIO ECO BLUESTEEL is New Family of Products for the BlueSteel Range that leaves no trace of plastic or lead in nature: ZERO PLASTIC, ZERO LEAD

Loaded with PRO ECO WAD, a breakthrough innovation: that is first ever water-soluble wad

* 100% biodegradable
* 100% non toxic
* Additives of vegetal origin
* Compliant with ASTM International Standards
* Turns into compost
* Disappears in nature as organic fertilizer
* Leaves no trace in nature

RIO Ammunition Introduces New Breakthrough Innovation: The first dissolvable and biodegradable wad to be presented at SHOT Show

RIO Ammunition, a global expert in non-metallic ammunition, will introduce the first hydro soluble wad in the US next week at the SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas. The company will incorporate this new component to its BlueSteel product line, taking a huge step forward towards reducing the impact of the shotshells in the environment.

The new hydro soluble wad is 100% biodegradable and all its additives are of vegetal origin, making it compliant with ASTM International standards. Not only does the wad not harm the environment, but it turns into compost (CO2, mineral salts and biomass), working as a high-quality fertilizer.

“The hydro soluble wad is a testament to RIO’s commitment towards innovation. We continuously work to make our shotshells more precise, more reliable and also reduce its impact on the environment. Now we can offer a shotshell with the two elements that are expelled from the shotgun—the shot and wad—having a limited, even positive impact on the environment,” explains Eduardo Baeza, RIO Ammunition General Manager.

RIO Ammunition will have samples of the wad at its booth (#15738) where you will be able to see how it reacts to water until dissolving. Additionally, the company’s General Manager will explain the features and benefits of the improved BlueSteel product line at the booth during the show. Journalists are invited to stop by and check it out.

Target Load Low Recoil

Target Load Low Recoil
The Low Recoil version of our Target Load is specially designed for beginners in shooting, providing comfort when shooting and therefore, providing a better experience on the shooting range

Royal Turkey Buffered Magnum


Vintage 1896 Paper International 24 gram

RIO is proud to present the Vintage 1896 Paper International load—a 24-gram load with a paper hull developed for ISSF competition. This load allows for the incredible experience of competing with paper hulls on the international stage possible for the first time. The smell of a freshly shot paper shotshell combined with less felt recoil and the best performance make this a premium product that American shooters will love

Wing & Target - High Velocity & Lite

The Wing & Target line has been designed for recreational shooters who want to spend time breaking clays with friends and family. Recognized as soft shooting, clean burning because of its single-based powder and box-to-box consistency, it has become a weekend favorite. This product will now also be available in light and high velocity versions in two different shot sizes

Star Team Evo Platinum

The new Star Team Evo Platinum joins the popular competition line of RIO Ammunition’s Star Team Evo target loads. Designed in collaboration with the world’s best competitive shooters, the new Start Team Evo Platinum incorporates RIO's highest quality components for the best patterning and special powder blends to deliver fast shot with less recoil. Clay shooters will appreciate the velocity consistency across payloads, allowing you to choose the best load for any situation without compromising similar felt recoil or speed. For when you can’t comprise precise shot placement, the Star Team Evo Platinum features extremely hard nickel-coated super magnum shot, a 25mm nickel-plated brass head, and PSB+ powder made in house for high velocity and ultra-smooth recoil.
Star Team Evo Platinum is currently available in two loads:
                     STP24 12 gauge, 2-3/4” shell, 24-gr, 1,360 fps in 7.5 and 8 shot sizes
                     STP28 12 gauge, 2-3/4” shell, 1 ounce, 1360, 7.5 and 8 shot sizes