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Wednesday 7th of June 2017

Interview with Alberto Fernández - “My dream is to win a medal at the Olympic Games”

Alberto Fernández was crowned a winner for the first time in the Trap Mixed Teams event at the ISSF World Cup Shotgun competition held in Cyprus in May. At only 33 years old he has a long list of achievements behind him such as the winner of the European and World Championships in 2010, the World Team Championship in 2014 and several World Cups.

How does it feel to have a professional CV as extensive as yours?

I am happy and very grateful to have won several international medals for Spain and for the Spanish shooting sports the past few years.
I treasure each new medal as if it were the first in my career as each one has its own special meaning for me. They have all involved a great deal of effort from me and from my sponsors, family, friends and everything that goes with being an athlete.
But I have to keep myself grounded and as soon as I get off the winners’ podium I am already thinking of my next goal, the work and what I need to improve to achieve it.

After 17 years, how would you say that the RIO Cartridges’ sponsorship has influenced your various professional achievements?
RIO clearly has been, and continues to be, my great supporter and the most important one in my entire sports career. Without RIO’s valuable help I would never have been able to prepare myself to compete at the highest level.
My triumphs, my medals and my sporting successes are the triumphs, the medals and the sporting successes of a great company that 17 years ago placed its trust on an enthusiastic boy with great hopes of becoming an international shooter making the Spanish national anthem play around the world.
Thanks to the mutual trust by both the company and the workers that make it possible, RIO Cartridges and Alberto Fernández are today a force to be reckoned with in the world of international shooting.

What do you expect from a cartridge when it comes to shooting?
RIO Cartridges has always perfectly fulfilled my expectations in terms of quality and efficiency, both for training and for competitions. It is one of the best brands of cartridges in the international market.
RIO Cartridges tick all the boxes that I would ask for in a perfect cartridge: low recoil, high velocity, a technically-perfect shooting pattern and a rigorous quality control.

What do you think of RIO Cartridges’ new corporate identity? What values do you think it transmits?
RIO’s new corporate identity gives the company and its products a modern feel and even though it has been around for many years it still knows how to be up to date and reach its customers with a new and fresh image. This clearly shows RIO’s interest in evolving to meet the needs of the shooting market.

Looking to the future, what goals do you have left to achieve?
I long to win a gold medal in a World Cup final and of course my dream is to win a medal at the Olympic Games. So far these have eluded me but they still make me work day in, day out to achieve them.

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